Sinaw: Archaeological Mission Jan-May 2014

Scientific Director: Prof Maurizio Tosi

Digital Elaborations: Tommaso Saccone

Activities of Research:

 During the survey were recorded and photographed 145 graves. The graves are recorded a fraction of those in the area. These 145 graves are only a part of those visible. We hope to start a new reconnaissance campaign on the occasion of the future work of widening of the road.

From Grave 1000 to Grave 1043

From Grave 1044 to Grave 1088

From Grave 1089 to Grave 1125

From Grave 1126 to Grave 1145

  • Stratigraphic excavation of archaeological sites involved in the construction of the expressway.

During the excavation work have been investigated more than 30 graves. Some of the architectural structures were still in a good state of preservation. Instead the anthropological remains, in many cases, were very deteriorated because of the acidity of the soil.

All data, organized in a GIS environment, will be consulted in part will be delivered as soon as the final version of the Report to the "Director of Excavations" of the Ministry of Culture of the Sultanate of Oman. To manage these archaeological data we want to develop a web version of pyArchInit.







Sinaw 2014: presentation of the excavation project (M. Tosi )

Sinaw Panoramic Pictures